Volvo C304/TGB 13 Expedition Camper

Volvo C304/TGB 13 Expedition Camper

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Follow the transformation of a Volvo TGB 13 from cold-war-vehicle to all-terrain expedition style camper. The blog will be updated with our travel experiences from around the globe.

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Why Volvo?

Why Volvo?Posted by Sun, May 20, 2012 19:18:38
Previously we have been using our '90 Suzuki Samurai for both offroad competition, 4-wheeling and trips around Europe. Even though it is kind of hardcore with its lack of carpets and soundproofing and considering that it is build for competetion use with rollcage and sparco seats.

We started looking for a bigger vehicle but had some demands which were not met by a lot of cars:

Good ground clearance
4x4 (or 6x6!)
Hi/low gear ratio
Rugged and simple design
No electronics
Fair fuel economy
Spacious inside, without beeing to big for driving around big cities and narrow tracks
Preferabbly forward control design
Drivable on a B-license
Acces to camper area from cab
Fitting into a 20 ft shipping container

As mentioned, not a lot of cars meets these requirements, the cars in consideration was:

Iveco WM 40.10
Iveco Daily 4x4 (by Scam)
Pinzgauer 712
Land Rover 101
Volvo C303/TGB 11
Mitsubishi Shogun
and of course the Volvo C304/TGB13

Of these cars, some were to expensive (Ivecos) some to exotic (Pinzgauer) and some to small (C303, Shogun)

The TGB 13 seemed to be the best, so we went for a testdrive and fell in love :-)
Months going on, negotiating price and considering if it really was the right thing to do, we decided to buy it!

Some may point out that 6x6 is a bit of overkill for most of a normal journey - and they might be right! But we really don't want to find our self thousand miles away from home, seeing a beautifull track and be forced to stay on the tarmac!

It might only be a minor part of the trip where all-wheel drive is needed, but our experience tells us that it is the most fun part (and the one you have to be best preparred for)

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